After so much walking, not only did my feet hurt *I had taken in my boots to get repaired and the guy took out and threw out my gel insoles and I didn’t notice until we were already hiking!  Ugh. I was rather – read ‘very’ – upset* but I also was so so very tired. I slept much better, though the vino did screw it up a touch. And I woke up more rested, a little puffy, and full of sarcasm.

I have to say, I wasn’t a fan of the AirBnB *hence, I’m not naming it* but I did like that we had a bit of a porch area to ourselves and could have morning coffee in my PJs and kimono out there. Morning coffee, a little Instagram, and some reading made me a lot nicer, as Andrew can attest. Excuse the make up free pictures – but meh, I’m not twenty and no use pretending I am.

Yes, that is a library sticker you see on the book. I love to read, and I plow through books at an unGodly basis. But I don’t like clutter, and I dislike a stuffed home full of crap. I purge purge purge. So I have only on bookcase, and it’s a mish mash of utility, Polish books *that I can’t get here,* photo albums, and reference books. It’s one bookcase. Though I read prolifically I like to not keep them. Hence, the library. It’s huge in Toronto and more than enough to keep anyone busy. So I just regularly shuffle in and out of the hold shelf to pick up my recent requests. And right now, I’m blazing through the Poldark series. Love the show, and now I’m plowing through the book lives of my favorite couple. 

Kimono – Spell Designs
PJs – La Senza