Ha! Now that’s a question. Someone on insta asked me that. Actually, they asked, “Do you ever work?”  Which to me was so very weird to hear. True it was 2:30pm but what do you mean? I’ve worked a full day! But then I thought about it, and yeah, if you looked at my posts and stories for that day it seemed that I, on a weekday, was doing absolutely no work. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to run you through that day as an example.

That day I had woken up at 5am through total insomnia. So after coffee, and scrolling insta – I need 30 minutes of peace and studying images in the morning. And that is what I do (but that’s another post). I edited pictures for a few hours, because why not? Then I got my daughter ready for school – breakfast, lunch, packing, all the parenting, etc. – took her to school. Afterwards, I had breakfast, a run, shower, and more editing. As well as organizing the family, laundry and other chorse, managing the household in terms of appointments, tasks, and lists. Making phone calls and sending out reminders, came next. Followed by answering emails. Then more editing, before running out the door to catch my friend for a film festival showing. I skipped lunch because I had no time, grabbing a quick protein bar instead.

So when I got that message *which by the way, I totally did not take offense to because I always think everyone assumes well* I thought to myself, “I’ve already put in a full 8 hours! Whadda ya mean?? Of course I work.”

well there you have it, I’ve put in a whole day of work, as I’m sure you have. Cheers to us!

Set – Ruche *now closed*
Boots – thrifted
Sunnies – Common Sort
Necklace – Gypsy Love Store