Though Summer is when everything comes alive, it feels like my brain slows down, but in a good way. In the Winter, there is a sort of hibernation kind of slowing. It’s mixed with some melancholy and anxiety. I think it’s a natural result of our animal natures asserting themselves: will we survive the Winter? Will Summer come?

But in the summer, there’s a different kind of slow down. It’s the slow down of the contented. Sunny days lend themselves to lazy walks, and days spent sitting watching the water. Or lounging about in the hammock with a cold fizzy water. It’s a different slow down. The brain calms and the body relishes the warmth. Morning walks around the pond with a cup of coffee are the perfect endeavor – especially when the little one is away and we’re all to ourselves.

Dress – Auguste the Label
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners
Boots – thrifted
Sunnies – Simons
Necklace – hand me down