The World Cup. Yup, it’s a huge thing. In Poland, soccer is the game. I have clear memories of falling asleep on the futon as a child while my grandpa was watching and commenting *ahem, yelling* at the screen, at a game. See in Poland, everything is lived in closer quarters, and my bed was the futon in the tv room, so I would be in bed, and the last things I would see is my Grandpa and soccer on the tv. It’s one of my favorite memories. I think it also explains why I’m so attached to the game, other than it’s awesome of course!

Anyway, the World Cup started and though we can stream it on our tvs, the local coffee shop installed a big tv for the Cup. So, Andrew and I dropped off our girl at school and made our way over to have some coffee and watch the games. Though I’m never one to go too obvious, I of course wore white on top and red on the bottom for the Poland games. And in true Polish woman form, I brought my crochet to do while I watched. Yup, hard to believe it, but there is a bunch of crochet in that embroidered bag right there.

As a final side note, those boots right there are one of the pairs that I nabbed at the Trinity Bellwoods Yard Sale. Super comfy and I love them. So easy to wear. And apologies about all the bruises on my knees. I’m constantly bumping into things, or in this case, it was compounded by a scene I did where I was jumping and crawling around and bruising up my knees. But hey, I don’t like to overuse photoshop and portray reality other than it is, so here’s my legs, bruises and all.

Top – Arnhem
Shorts – Free People
Boots – thrifted
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners
Necklace – hand me down
Sunnies – Simons