I have a very talented friend, well actually I have a lot of very talented friends, but this time I’m talking about one particular smart, kind woman who can also pole dance – Liona. Right? How awesome is that? Well, she was in a show with Flying Solo. It’s a dirty circus, dirty in the best way of course. And this year’s show for Pride month did not disappoint. It was gloriously skilled, sensually delightful, and damn sexy. If you’re around when they put up their next show, don’t miss it. It’s definitely a NSFW kind of show, but as you may have guessed, those are my favorite kind. I kept the pictures tame and didn’t shoot when things got steamy, but steamy they got. Forty five minutes of music, circus acts, and sexiness – perfect for a Friday night…..or any night, I don’t judge….just encourage.

In case you were curious, the above photos are of my friend, Liona, who I was there to see. Just, you know, mad mad skills as one would expect.

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