It’s a fascinating word isn’t it? It holds a lifetime worth of promise, yet is completely non existent.
It’s a dreamy word, one that can fool you into thinking that there’s solidity and reality there, but really it’s like confetti glitter that disappears at the first breath of wind.
And you spend the next few days thinking you see it glimmering out of the corner of your mind.
Someday is useless.

Give me now.
Give me the reality covered in grime and imperfection.
Give me the solidity of showing up even though you’re tired and don’t feel like it.
Give me a smile, a hug, and a kiss even though the world is falling apart around us.

Together is all we need.

Set – Spell Designs *old*
Necklace – Gypsy Love Store
Sunnies – F21
Boots – thrifted
Watch – citizen