I don’t often wear pink. It’s not a color you’ll find on me a lot. White, blue, red, black, and turquoise, yes. Pink not so much. But you know that sometimes you just have to shake things up a bit. And well, when the roof breaks, and the bathroom is water damaged, and your dog has a cut, and things feel like life is giving you the best of it’s jab combos…that’s a good time to shake things up. So this bright, hot pink found at a thrift store seemed like it came at just the right moment. Shake things up and step outside myself.
Even if it’s only in the form of a bright dress. Baby steps, am I right?

Also, speaking of out of the comfort zone, as you may or may not have noticed, I added a donate button on the side bar of my site. It felt a little weird to do so, but I’ve had a few emails from this wonderful tribe here about it, and finally a comment, and well I caved. If you’d like to donate even a small amount, say enough to buy me a latte while I work on new content, feel free to do so. Everything will go towards new content and further creations. Thanks in advance!

Jacket – FridayImInLove
Dress – Wilfred via Common Sort
Socks – Free People
Boots – Call It Spring
Belt – F21
Necklace – bought on Native reservation in Arizona