Yes I’ve added some yoga to my life. This is a big deal for me, because if you know me, I’ve been quite anti-yoga for a long time. Not anti-yoga in the sense that I campaigned against people practicing yoga, just in the sense that I never did it because I’d get bored and sleepy.  But two things have happened: I’m getting older and noticing my flexibility is decreasing, and I have a friend who’s a fantastic yoga teacher.

The getting older part has made me realize that along with weights and running, I need to dedicate a part of my working out to flexibility and stability. The Friend who’s a fantastic yoga teacher has given me an excellent resource. She used me as a guinea pig to run her teacher training course on. And I learned all about Yoga, and the variety of practices. I learned what style suits me, and I learned how to take control of my own practice so that I could be challenged and not bored. So good – because I need to be challenged, not just relaxed and stretched.

After some recommendations, and taking their survey on their site that helps you select a mat, I got a manduka yoga mat and went to it. I also got this book – because I’m a book person – and it’s  fantastic reference to have at my side. Because I know some asanas, but slowly and steadily, I’m adding more to my repertoire to customize my experience.

See, I’m super serious about it….as with anything else.