I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re kind of useless in the sense that if you want to change your life, change it, don’t wait for some arbitrary day. But I get that it works for some people. I’m just not one of them. So when I reflected on the last year and things I wanted to change, I did just that. On December 28th I decided to completely forego shopping for a set period of time. I’m not a crazy shopper – I buy everything on discount with an extra discount code – yes I prefer online. I stay within budget, or if I go over, I make it up. I don’t have three credit cards, and thousands of dollars of shopping debt. I’m good, I’m in budget, but…

…I didn’t like the place it has taken in the last few months. I do a lot of window shopping, or screen shopping, and then purchase on severe discount. But in the last six months or so it’s taken a twist. It’s become an escape, and way to avoid, and a way to check out. Not a lot, but enough to make me dislike the turn. Just like I didn’t like my two coffees a day habit, even though most would consider that mild, I don’t like the twist this has taken. So I’m stepping away.

I’m going to not purchase any clothing etc. for a set period of time – going for six months first, then if possible a year. I’m allowing myself four minor exceptions: when Turquoise Lane *online shop* has their 50% extra off sale once a year, when Tree of Life has their once a year 50% off clothing, and black friday *select list of shops,* and Arnhem/Spell boxing day sale. Those are my limits – chances are I still won’t buy anything, I only bought a couple pieces this year without those limitations. But still, being clear about my limits. I’m still open to collaborations, and working with brands – so that may occur.

Again, it’s not that the actual act is a problem, it’s that I don’t like the place it has taken in my life. So like quitting my two coffee a day habit, I’m quitting my screen browsing habit. Now I step away from the tabs, and close all.

Dress – Shilla the Label
Boots – Asos
Socks – Free People
Bag – Winners