I was talking to a fantastic woman recently. She’s a friend and a colleague. We were talking about #metoo. We were talking about our experiences. We were talking about how we’ve had enough of being quiet, and enough of being too much. Too much. I hear that all the time from people – not necessarily directed at me but directed at other women around me. Well, pardon my language, but f**k that! Let’s all be too f**king much.  Let’s be loud, and demanding. Let’s express ourselves. You know, the way men have been expressing themselves and demanding for decades.

Be smart. Be challenging. Be opinionated. Be sexual. Be whoever the f**k you want to be. I’m done with ‘too much.’

This tirade has been brought to you by a woman who was told her boots were too much.

Dress – Losari
Sweater – c/o Wallis
Boots – Sam Edelman via Gypsy Found Objects
Bag – Winners
Necklace – Etsy
Scarf – eBay many many moons ago