I’m outta control, I tell ya. It’s getting ridiculous and I think I have to reign myself in. I mean the level of wildness just reached a total uncontrollable level.

I made a healthy vegan dinner for myself and my daughter, put her to bed, and made myself an herbal lemon ginger tea. I mean that shit is dope! Seriously, you can tell that was the start of an intense night. I then did that thing we all know means the end of reasonable living, I set Netflix onto to binge a show. Yup, you know I was not in my right mind.

And sadly, it just went downhill from there in terms of adult behavior. I got out the hook. The hook came out, and I crocheted for four hours straight. I’m sorry, but the first solution to a problem is to admit there is one, right? So, yeah, I have a serious problem with my wild and out of control behavior. I mean, there is no way, no way, that that is an appropriate Saturday night for a grown woman!


Jeans – Gap
Top – ModCloth
Boots – Call It Spring
Purse – Winners
Necklace – Threadsence