It’s been such a cold and wet Summer that I’ve hardly gotten a chance to wear shorts and rompers, it’s been more sweaters and rain jackets. But the truth is that I’ve got nothing to complain about. I live in a place that, despite these shifts in weather, doesn’t suffer from severe natural disasters. I feel blessed considering the affects of climate change that are happening. So you know, sometimes I get bummed out thinking to myself how I haven’t gotten to wear my pretty shorts, or my pretty rompers, but then I’m thankful that I’m in a safe, dry home, and that’s my big concern when it comes to safety.

Yes, we all have our burdens and we shouldn’t compare the severity of the burdens we carry. But it does help to give perspective when you step back and truly, really count your blessings.

Top – Spell Designs
Shorts – Tiare Hawaii via Revolve
Shoes – really old, I forget.
Necklace – thrifted
Glasses – swag from WayHome