Dresses and boots, jeans and a leather jacket, and now knotted tees with a maxi skirt – that’s the newest addition to my go-to uniform style. Don’t know why, but those swirling sweeping maxis have my heart. Which is so hard because I love to bike everywhere, so I either can’t wear them or they end up knotted and wrinkly. Oh well, first world problems. But I shall have my cake and eat it too! I shall wear a maxi and bike.  I digress though.

Go-to uniforms, they exist for a reason: they are unadulterated you. And hey, I guess that’s just me. You gotta go with what works for your personality. For example, a great friend of mine can really rock the ripped jeans look, whereas I feel completely weird in them. I love the look, but you put me in them and I feel not like me. You gotta go with you. There’s no one else you can be. And no else can be you. So rock it!

Skirt – Lokoa
Shirt – hand me down
Necklace – Etsy
Sunnies – Free People