You know how some weeks you just want to forget? Yeah, this was one of them. One thing after another was going wrong, was adding stress, and was making me feel completely unable to handle things. And it all culminated with the cherry on top – getting locked out of my car, waiting for CAA, having them come when I got a coffee and used the bathroom, cancelling my request, having to re-request service, and being told it would be another forty-five minutes to an hour. ¬†And that’s just one of the things that happened to me on one day.

Yeah, sometimes I long for being five years old again. But I sit here, looking at my week ahead, and hope that I can pull some stuff off. I’ve cancelled some social things, so that I can free up and under schedule myself to get the things that have backed up done.

It all happens. I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed some weeks. And yeah, in the grand scheme, there’s food on the table (it just may not be all cooked), everyone’s healthy (minus the stomach flu stuff), and I’ve got a lovely glass of vino to treat myself on the end of the weekend (though I meant to save that – but this counts as special right?).

Oh and cleaning? Pssshh! Forget that – just don’t visit me and we’ll stay friends. Or do visit me, and ignore the mess.
And bring scotch.
Here’s to making it through, and smiling through it all.

Also, I now know how to break into my car, and also that it’s really hard to break into my car. The CAA guy had a lot of trouble and we had to work together on our timing. So good to know, no one will be stealing my dented sixteen year old Toyota anytime soon.

At least I’ve got my sarcasm.

Dress – Ruche
Socks – Free People
Boots – ALdo