I dressed the same way as I did my hair: depending on what took my fancy, and what I felt like at the moment.” – Brigitte Bardot

I love this quote. Why? Because in a world of fashion where there are boundaries and groupings drawn, where personal style means having to pick one genre, where fashion blogging means you have to have a strict theme and consistency in what you wear, I have always felt ill at ease.

I don’t have a ‘genre‘ per se. My style is mine and it depends on what I feel like. It’s neither minimalist, nor is it strictly boho, nor is it rocker chic, or vintage, etcetera etcetera. Yes, there’s a lot of boho clothing, but it’s mixed in with all the other stuff, it’s really neither here nor there. Based solely on what took my fancy, to echo Ms. Bardot.

Yeah. I know people who have a very specific and defined style, and to be fair, I’m often a little jealous of them for that. I don’t have one. I’m all over the place, and not because I can’t commit, but because there are so many pretty things out there. So many ways to combine clothes, and frankly, so many styles and looks that attract me personally. That may be a little confusing to anyone reading this site. You’ll never know exactly what you’re getting. And I do apologize for that.

But I hope that you get at least my sense of play. And maybe there are those out there who also, like me, like too many looks to commit to just one. I’ll commit to people, but fashion? That’s an all you can eat, buffet style, tinder world!

Tee – thrifted
Pants – Zara
Button Up – Guess
Boots – Aldo