Some days I’m a shitty Mom. Some days I’m a shitty wife. Some days I’m a shitty friend. So are you *though you might need to change the nouns a bit*. We all screw up. We all suck sometimes. We all fail sometimes. We’re human – and that’s what that means.

But guess what? You are enough. In your soul of souls you are enough and you are worthy of life and joy. We all need to hear it sometimes, so I’m saying it to you right now.

Sometimes that reminder comes from the strangest of situations. I got my credit card frauded, so¬†identity theft. Then I had to run an hour across town to an audition. Afterwards trying to get home – my metro card didn’t work, I had no cash, no credit *obviously*, and at first my debit card wasn’t working either *I later found a bank branch and it was sorted*. It was a ridiculous situation and I had no way of getting home. I wasn’t too worried – absolute worst case scenario I had a four hour walk ahead of me in a busy city in the middle of the day. My life was not in danger.

I posted about this stranded situation on Facebook, and  within minutes texts, calls, and messages of help came in. I got it sorted. I got home. But man did it feel amazing to know that should I really need help these people were right there for me. So even though I am sometimes a shitty wife, mom, and friend, I am enough. We are enough to be loved. You are enough.

Now get back up and keep on keeping on. And no that’s not just a cliche.

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Bracelet – gift