Since I get everything on sale *and especially sale on sale* and love shops from Australia that means sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes I buy a dress on sale from Australia that looks spectacular. It arrives and I realize that I’m far too tall for it and well….there’s only so much you can show before you get arrested. So what to do?

Returning it to Australia costs too much money, even if it wasn’t final sale. Here’s where my sewing skills come in handy – or where you can take it to a tailor if you don’t have said skills. I cut that dress, and put in an elastic. Sure, I make that sound easier than it is. Lots of measuring and doubting, but now it’s a gorgeous, swirly, circle skirt.

I just adore the pattern, and the colors, and couldn’t handle the idea that I wasted my money. So I spent a free afternoon altering it into something that I can easily integrate into my wardrobe and that makes me smile when I look at it.





Top & Bralette – Arnhem
Skirt – Arizonia Rose
Boots – thrifted
Belt – Lucky Brand
Necklaces – Reitmans and a gift from Poland