Right after WayHome, I headed with some friends to a cottage. This is an annual trip that I take with friends, and this year the timing lined up in such a way that it was right after the festival. Which meant a lot of fun, but a lot of missing my Fam. They didn’t come to the festival because a festival with a little one would be hard, and also because of the cost of all of us going. And the cottage thing is a chance for me to get away and be silly with friends with no responsibilities – so it’s more of a solo thing. So, like I said, lots of fun, but I was missing my two monkeys.



We celebrated a lady’s birthday up there, so of course there were crowns and bubbly!
*Also, pardon the completely unkempt hair and no make up look on me – it was the cottage after all* Oxtongue_river-Falls

Love this whole bunch of goofs!