“She wanted love, true love, pure and kind and untouched. The kind that wasn’t ruined by the chaos of the world” – r.m.drake

I talked with a friend recently – and gosh how much we all need that – we spoke at length about friendships and love, and how often people misconstrue the intimacy between friends for something perhaps more┬ánefarious, especially when they are of the opposite gender. But that’s their problem, not mine. See these intimate friends I have, they’re like my family…my brothers and my sisters.

I don’t know about you, but I’m more of an extroverted introvert. Which means, that as much as I like being around lots of people, I’m inherently introverted. So given the chance, I’d much rather have a one on one conversation that lasts for an extended period of time with one person, than be surrounded in the middle of a group of people. And I like the quiet. A corner in a crowded room with one person for an extended period of time, yeah I can see how that may get misconstrued, but that’s an outside assumption without all the facts.

Talking with my friend about this, it was a great kick in the arse – we all need those once in a while. ┬áIt clarified for me that that is other people’s problems, and I’m letting it become mine. I’m allowing them to have this dominion and control over me, and control over my social behavior and friendships. Do you do this? Do you have trouble not letting others influence your behavior in a way that you know is not true to yourself? How do you give yourself a reality check? I’m honestly curious.

I want pure love, and true love, the love of friends that are there for each other, that’s not ruined by the chaos of the world.





Romper – Arnhem
Bag – Stela 9
Shoes – Threadsence
Bracelets – vintage, Ruche, and F21
Necklace – FreePeople