I’ll share my weird fascination with you guys. I love looking at garage doors in Toronto. On my bike, riding around, I go down a lot of alleys because of garage doors. Not only for the simple reason that they make great backdrops, but because I truly find it so cool to look at the wide array of styles and colors. Some are in odd shapes, others have murals, some are old and held together by duct tape, but it’s really great to look at. It’s like the city has this secret corridor of color and weirdness, and I love that.

Pretty houses all in a row have this secret of graffiti and murals, and barely there doors. It’s truly entertaining to me. The artful, dirty little secret of this city.  Shorts-embroidered-top-kimono-2web



Kimono – thrifted/vintage
Shorts – Ruche
Top – Zara
Boots – DIYed by me
Bracelet – gift from Poland