“Our true nature is benevolence. One is just half one’s self, part of one’s strength, a fraction of one’s talents without love’s constant reign over the provinces you effect.” – Rumi

Good advice. To focus on having our actions come from love, to have our thoughts come for love, is probably my truest goal. To be motivated by a positive force rather than negative thoughts, emotions, or knee jerk reactions. Now, that’s hard. Obviously. But like Rumi, a mindful constant practice breeds improvement, if not perfection.

And for any nay sayers. Action and thought from love does not mean naivete or ignorance – at least not in my mind, and I doubt in Rumi’s mind. Logic and reason and love are not mutually exclusive. You can be perfectly aware of all the facts, all the true and hidden motivations in people, and still act out of love.

Nor is love weak and wishy washy. Love is strong and selfless – just think of a mother who disciplines her child. It does not bring her pleasure to inflict perhaps tears or sadness as a result of a consequence, but she does it out of love for the growth and person of her child.

I urge you to act out of love. Share your stories in the comments if you are so bold.






Dress – Arnhem
Shoes – Aldo
Bracelets – gifts from Poland
Bag – thrifted Lucky Brand
Necklace – bought in Europe

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