“Altogether it will be found that a quiet life is characteristic of great men, and that their pleasures have not been of the sort that would look exciting to the outward eye.” – Bertrand Russell.

Wisdom, I think, comes from recognizing and relishing those simple pleasures. It’s a refrain that’s repeated often, but it’s just as often misheard. The warm embrace of someone who loves you, a simple hair play and head scratching, or the feel of a soft ruffled dress against your skin in a warm breeze. These are the things we should take pleasure in, not just because we wish to become “great men” and have our lives have profound meaning. But because this is our life and joy and learning experience are all we have.

Most of us are not destined to be “great men.” And there’s nothing wrong with that. I do, however, think there is something wrong with wasting those moments that we have. And perhaps those joyful moments, and experiences of growth are¬†enough to make us “great”….of a sort.





Spell-Sunset-Road-Dress-3webDress – Spell Designs
Bag – Muche et Muchette
Boots – Call it Spring
Hat – Dorfman Pacific
Jade ring – fair trade artisan
Brass ring – Body Blue
Necklace – Lustre Boutique in Montreal