I like nice things, of course, who doesn’t right? Obviously I like clothes – duh – fashion blogger here. And yes, a lovely house, car, etc. etc. are all great. But well, they don’t really fulfill you, and let’s face it, the better/bigger the house the more it takes to clean it and maintain it. And I hate cleaning. I like the size of my house – sure there are things I’d like to change; I’d like to add a studio attached to my house for example. I’d love to move it to another location – beachfront in some warm climate perhaps. But overall, I think it’s fine. It’s a house – not a life.

I’d much rather be able to focus on my passions. To say that I lived trying new things, to live boldly. My husband recently said to me that I live “intentionally” and with a constant “examination as to why [I] do something, and that if [I’m] not satisfied with it, [I] change it.” He said that’s very exciting to be around. I hadn’t thought about it, but that was one of the nicest things someone has said to me. So much better than, “You’re beautiful.” To hear that this internal struggle and decision making, the hard choices, and the examinations, are recognized was encouraging. It was warming, not as a validation, but just as a recognition by someone you love.

Okay, so what’s the point here? The point is that we all get one go-round. We’re all gonna be gone soon. So why not live intentionally? Why not make changes, examine things, and make hard decisions? Sure it might upset us, or others, or it might be uncomfortable, or rough at first, but I have to believe that in the end we’ll be blessed with great memories, and deep laugh lines.






1-Vintage-Arnhem-DresswebDress – Arnhem
Necklace – Gypsy Love Store
Boots – Aldo
Bag – Muche et Muchette

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