For the longest time purple was my favorite color. Whenever anyone asked me, the answer was, “Purple.” I clung to that, but I hardly ever bought anything purple given the choice. For the last few years especially, this has been the case. I would¬†consistently choose another color, but was stuck in this purple mode. Then I looked at my closet, what I was drawn to, and what color I chose for my house. And blue. My love of blue – turquoise, royal, dark, etc.- became very apparent.

It’s weird how we cling to old perceptions of ourselves, even with¬†something as small as a favorite color. It’s like there’s an innate dislike of change, or resistance to change, or what have you. But change happens regardless. So yeah, blue. Blue is my favorite color. For now.




Fukushima-sweater-2webSweater – c/o Jennifer Fukushima
Dress – old, so I forget
Boots – Aldo
Belt – Lucky Brand
Bracelet – eBay
Necklace – vintage
Sunnies -UO