As much as I love vintage, I don’t often get much. I have trouble finding vintage pieces that are in my size and fit my frame. And to be honest, I’m pretty picky about things. I thought this dress was so lovely when I saw it on Etsy. More than that I was ecstatic that it was small and stretchy at the back. And frankly, I have trouble resisting a good ruffle.

This ’60s dress had one more tier to it – for a total of five. But I found that the extra material made it much more conservative, and cut my leg in a weird way. So I simply removed that bottom layer, bringing the dress up to just above the knee.

It makes the piece more playful and flirty, which let’s face it, is what polka dots and ruffles are really all about.  Moral of the story – don’t be afraid to alter vintage to suit you. Vintage-polka-dress-2web


Vintage-polka-dress-3webVintage Dress – Vintage Revival
Purse – H&M
Necklace – Natalie B.
Sandals – c/o Easy Spirit