Ha! What I mean by that is the vast amount of business trips Andrew’s having this month. It means I have to play double duty with childcare, home care, and work. Gotta say it’s not easy. You know it’s funny. We always value the work and the money that it brings in. But we as a society show a vast lack of worth for the people who care for the children and who care for the home. It’s historic: housewives (and historically it’s been women, but there are many house husbands these days) were often not taken seriously. But add up the cost of childcare, cleaning, laundry service, landscaping/gardening, cooking, and various other tasks that could be labelled under personal assistant and you’re talking thousands a month. So here’s to the housewives, and the househusbands. I say it’s wine o’clock and time to celebrate you. Auguste-Dress-Straw-hat-5.webjpg





Auguste-Dress-Straw-hat-3webDress – Auguste via Suzie from Turquoise Lane
Hat – Dorfman Pacific Co.
Sunnies – F21
Necklace & Shoes – Threadsence