Perhaps it says something about me that I’m drawn to little white dresses like a moth to a flame lately. It seems like I just can’t resist a white dress. Maybe it’s the simplicity, but then wouldn’t I go for the little black dress? Some of the appeal must be the purity and the fragility of them They are easily stained and easily ruined. But that may be part of the appeal. That transience and unpredictability of when and where they will be forever lost makes you appreciate the sartorial present. And while I care for my clothes, they will never dictate the actions of my life; so, for the moment, I’ll appreciate the delicacy of this dress. Stevie-May-House-of-Harlow-2web




Dress – Stevie May
Coat – Smart Set
Shoes – House of Harlow via Saks Fifth Avenue
Purse – Steve Madden