Saks opened in Canada. I was invited to the launch of their shop in Vaughan. And the fun thing is that in Vaughan it’s a discount Saks – which is music to the ears of this starving artist. I asked my fabulous friend, Reggy, to join me for some bubbly and snacks while we shopped the exclusive event.



There are literally racks of everything. And if you’re a shoe lover, it’s your mecca. Plus, the shoes are organized by size. I like that; it makes it easier to shop, and I appreciate not falling in love with a shoe that’s not available in my size.

There’s a huge mens section, and a wonderfully stocked accessories department too.



And heading to the checkout you’ll find a few really fun picks – a great place to buy gifts, actually.



Needless to say that thanks to the lovely people at Saks, we both got out of there with a few choice items.

I’ve been wanting a pair of House of Harlow shoes for a while, and walking in the aisle, I saw an embroidered elephant on a turquoise background. They might as well have had a “Made for Joanna” sign on them. A ruffled BCBG mini skirt, and blue fringe scarf later, and I’m a happy gal! Also, I’ve been on the look out for a new wallet. My ten year old one is lterally falling apart, but I’m so picky that I’ve been searching and searching for months now. I found a great Matt&Nat one at Saks – for a really low price. I personally love Matt&Nat – affordable, well made, and vegan. Three wins in my books.


See you at Saks!