Having a little girl is seriously fantastic.  She plays video games with Dad like a pro – except for when her gaming is reduced to one hand ’cause she’s sucking her thumb – and she has such a silly sense of humor.

I’m personally very excited to see her tastes and style developing.  There are weeks when all she wants to do is wear dresses, then there are purple days, and pink days, and blue days, and days where she looks through her drawer for a specific shirt. It’s really interesting to watch this person decide how to dress everyday.  Then there are the days she doesn’t care of course.

On those days I get to have a little fun.  That’s when I pull out that shirt or dress I wanted to see her in.  You see I usually prefer to go with her tastes and give her that freedom.  But on these days I get to make the call.

So when this shirt from Melijoe arrives, it’s going to be pulled out on my day.  Though to be fair, with it’s bright colors and vibrant patterns, I have a feeling she’ll want to wear it as soon as it arrives.  I’m starting to get to know her tastes, and Desigual is right up her alley.

 Desigual is a Spanish brand I discovered many moons ago when travelling through Europe, and it’s a touch hard to find in Canada.  It’s easier to find their women’s line, but their children’s line is such a challenge to track down.  I was really excited to see that Melijoe carries it, but to be fair they have a lot of really great brands in their online shop, so it’s not much of a surprise.  Their online shop is filled with tons of cute pieces for children and teenagers. I could go crazy there.

I have a feeling she’s just going to run off with the shirt when it arrives.
I just hope she gives me time to wash it first before she skips off to school in it.

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