Dress – Zara   //  Scarf – bought in Venice  //  Tights – F21  //  Boots – Threadsence  //  Glasses – Lace Affair  //  Earrings – I forget

A sweatshirt dress with a cool embroidered pattern is the sartorial equivalent of rich dark chocolate and delicious wine.  It’s elegant and luxuriant and just a plain old treat.  It feels wrong, like you’re not behaving or something, by wearing such a comfortable sweatshirt dress.  It’s like you know you should be eating spinach, but chocolate just tastes so good.  You know you should be wearing something perhaps more ‘put together’ but sweatshirt material just feels so good. 

And the best thing is you can fake it into being chic.  It’s like having spinach that tastes like chocolate.  Now that would be something!