Pure+Simple’s co-founder wrote a book on natural beauty, Beauty: Pure+Simple, and it’s been named the 2013 Gold Medal winner of the Living Now Awards in the US for the category of healing arts/Body Work/Energy Techniques.

I was honored to be sent a complimentary copy of the book.  I love the services Pure+Simple offers *read my review of their Deluxe Aquabrasion facial here* and am of course eager to read any book that can educate me further in the area of natural health and beauty.

Kristen Ma’s book relies heavily on Ayurvedic studies with some Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It’s interesting to read about Ayurvedic medicine, as I know very little about this philosphy on health and beauty. 

But what I most like about this book is how it breaks things down.  It’s easily and clearly explains those things that we all should know but never really have a chance to learn along the way.  Like, why we need steps like cleansing, toning and moisturizing.  What’s the difference between all those exfoliators. 

It explains how our skin works, and what exactly happens in skin conditions.  It’s very informative, and teaches us all those things that we think we know, but don’t really.  Like the difference between a night and day cream and why both are good.

Personally, I appreciate this back to basics and skin care defined from the ground up approach.  There’s a lot of things that this book has clarified for me.  And it’s nice to read it all coming from a natural skincare pro. 

I think it’s a great gift idea for some of my girlfriends this season.