I get into bed all frazzled and stressed from the day I’ve had.  Then my hand happens to gently caress the pillowcase beneath my hair, and, “Ahhhhhh.”  Immediately I’m taken into a much softer, and gentler world. 

It may sound silly, but that’s how I feel every time I touch my Savvy Sleeper pillowcase.  It’s not the first time I’ve heard that sleeping on satin is better for your hair and skin.  I’ve heard it a lot, but I was always wondering as to it’s truth.  And Holy Batman, I think it’s true!

It’s supposed to help calm frizz and prevent split ends.   Since Dale sent me a case last week, I can’t say as to it’s efficacy regarding the split ends  *we’ll see at my next haircut*  but I can say that it has made my hair smoother when I wake up.  Silky smooth, dare I say?   Though, I’m lucky enough to not have huge issues with frizz, all I can say to all the foxy ladies with curly hair is, “Get yourself one of these.”

And those lovely darling sleep lines that I never show you?  Yeah, they’re a lot better too.  Who knew.  Though I will return to the main point mentioned above.  I feel like utter royalty when I slip into bed and feel the soft satin against my cheek.  I’ve no doubt it helps me get a good night sleep.  And for our health and beauty there’s no better thing.

Even Drake, the dog, has upped his game when it comes to trying to sleep on my pillow.  The little black fur ball is frequently chased off after sneaking his way under the covers. 

Thank you Dale for this transformation.   And here’s the awesome thing, you can get a Savvy Sleeper of your own!!  Dale is giving away a satin pillowcase of your very own.  You can have this amazingly soft pillow to catch your head every night too!

 Enter with the widget below.  Plus, I’m also giving away a little ad space.  You know, as the cherry on your sweet dreams sundae…..now, I’m hungry.

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