Now with Fall here and the weather changing, most people are struggling with some sort of skin issue.  Dehydration being the most common.  Being a woman with sensitive, dry and acne prone skin is challenging, but products with organic and natural ingredients, like the ones Pure+Simple offers, have been my absolute saving grace. 

Pure+Simple offers a wide array of services too.  Recently I was invited to try their Deluxe Aquabrasion  Facial.  It definitely seemed right up my alley.  Not only is it great for the lymphatic system, but it’s like a softer, gentler version of microdermabrasion.  I’ve had microdermabrasion, and it’s too much for my sensitive skin.  I stay red and sore for days and I find that it’s too painful.  So you can see the appeal of a service that promises clarity of complexion, hydration, and a deep clean without the irritation. 

Arriving at the Yorkville spa is like stepping into a peaceful cone of silence off the busy streets of Toronto.  The location is bright and peaceful and the staff is full of smiles and very welcoming.  My appointment was with Samantha, and she came out to greet me and take me into the treatment room.  The rooms themselves are dimly lit and a warm chocolate brown.  Everything to promote relaxation by invoking a cozy and sleep time atmosphere. 

Samantha was excellent.  She asked me questions to ascertain what my skin was like and the difficulties I had, then inspected it herself.  She walked me through every step of the process so that nothing was shocking or unexpected.  But she was also politely quiet, gaging whether I was in a talkative mood or just wanted to relax in silence.  I was in a talkative mood. 

So we talked.  We talked about the facials and the products, all while I became more and more relaxed through the treatment. By the way, her favorite products are the Pure+Simple Hydration Serum and the Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel *side note: Pure+Simple ships to all of North America*  Finally, the aquabrasion part came up. 

It’s a cold stream water solution that cleans your skin and blasts away the dead skin cells.  It’s so gentle while it’s happening that you seriously doubt whether it’s actually doing any good.  My sensitive skin loves it and it never screamed at me, which is rare. Once that part was done she applied a restorative mask and left the room to allow me to relax and let it soak in. 

And I fell asleep.  Let me say that again, I fell asleep.  As a woman who has been having trouble sleeping for the last two months, and takes melatonin to help her get to sleep, this is huge.  I fell asleep. It was that relaxing. 

Relaxation and an incredible skin treatment is the initial benefit, but the real benefit came the day, and days, after.  My complexion is smoother, softer, and clearer of blackheads and all that other fun stuff *you know what I’m talking about*

Honestly, treat yourself to the aquabrasion.  It’s divine! We could use it at this time of year, or anytime really. Oh, and might I suggest signing up for their newsletters as they have a different facial/service on special every month.