Dress – Suzy Sheir  // Boots – Call It Spring  //  Rings – F21  //  Necklace – bought in Europe

There’s nothing that says that personal style and a wardrobe you love has to be new or pricey.  This dress, one of my favorites, is the exact opposite of both.  Less than twenty dollars, over ten years ago, and yet it still belongs in my wardrobe.  It’s still part of my style, and it’s still something that people will compliment me on.

This is something on my mind as the leaves are already starting to change color and I’m reminded of the transience of fashion, as fickle as the seasons.  Fall reminds me to stay true to the things that matters and, as it applies to fashion, the styles and pieces that are truest to myself as well.

You don’t have to stay with trends, or change every season, or spend hundreds of dollars.  You just have to know what work for you, and what you might possibly love a decade from now.  Those loves, those perfect pieces, may be hundreds of dollars….or they may cost four lattes.   Personal style is without price.

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