Sweater – ModCloth //  Skirt – Ruche *altered by me*  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Tights – HUE  //  Shirt – Smart Set  //  Necklace – F21

Ever seen that movie Sophie’s Choice with Meryl Streep?  So she’s in a concentration camp and a Nazi makes her chose between her two children – which one lives and which one dies.  She gets to keep one.  The rest of the movie revolves around this choice.  It’s heart wrenching…and I’m going to make a joke involving it.

I say, ” We’re going to Gramma and Grandpas.” 

Baby Girl says, “I wanna take my babies.”

I reply, “Nope, you can only take one.”

Sophie’s Choice for toddlers.

Just as dramatic… to a three year old.