Dress – H&M  //  Sweater – Free People  //  Scarf & Boots *see how I achieved these DIYed boots* – unknown  //  Sunnies – F21
Here’s the thing *and I hope you’ll forgive me*  I don’t always recall the store I bought something in.  And the reason is that I have things in my closet that are almost a decade old.  I take care of my clothing simply because I don’t have a big clothing budget.  Since I like a large wardrobe and lots of choice, I have to take care of my clothes.  Hence, sometimes I completely forget about the origin of said item.  *I have a list on my computer for sponsored pieces since I want to remember those*
So when you see ‘unknown’ as a credit, I’d love for you to see that as me saying that personal style is something that can be had on a limited budget, and that great pieces can be around so long you have no idea where you got them.  
*side note: this is another ‘heading to set’ outfit*
Happy Monday!