Dress – English Rose *from Ruche, I think*  //  Clutch – H&M  //  Shoes – Call It Spring

I went to the launch party of a historic event in Canada – the Independent Web Series Creator’s of Canada.  It was an absolutely great time, and if you’re in Canada you want to be a part of this organization.  So here I am all dressed up for the night.  I love how easy and loose this dress is.  Plus, I’m really loving mint green right now.

But here’s the real story I want to share with you.  In that clutch you see right at this very moment hides a pair of flats.  See I plan ahead.  After hours and hours in these gorgeous pink heels my feet were killing me.  I wasn’t about to spend time traveling home in pain.

As I rode the metro, I was accompanied by three teenagers who were out for the night too.  The young woman was leaning on her boyfriend because her feet hurt from her shoes.  He turned to her, just as I was passing them on the stairs, and said, “Why don’t you girls bring two pairs of shoes when you go out?”  Then as I passed I knew he pointed at me, and so I turned around and gave them a knowing smile while I gestured to the heels hanging off my fingers.

Yup, it’s  all about the two pairs of shoes.