Dress – Threadsence  //  Necklace – Ruche  //  Tights & Belts – F21  //  Shoes – Walmart

I know many today are staying silent on their blogs in support of the Sandy Hook elementary staff, and I’m not saying that’s wrong.  I’m not saying you should continue writing about cute crafty DIYs today.  But I’m not a silent person and I urge you not to be either.  I’m not an American citizen so I can’t write to my congressman stating my outrage at the lack of gun control, and support for mental health funding.  I can’t write or demonstrate my disgrace in my government’s failure to support it’s mentally ill citizens, or to protest media coverage.  I can’t write and say anything of the sort to effect change, because I am not an American citizen.  But I can urge those of you who are to not be silent today.

If you are staying silent on your blog today, do so because you are too busy writing to your government representatives to express your views, do so because you are out volunteering, do so because you are too busy today focusing on change to think about anything else.  In support of recent events, silence is not a solution in my mind. Fight against the dying of the light.