Shirt – Stradivarius  //  Sweater – Zara  //  Pants – Lululemon  //  Boots – Feet First  
Jacket, Ring & Earrings – F21  //  Necklace – Ruche
A weekend spent in productions meetings, read throughs, and pouring over scripts.  An outfit filled with an abundance of textures and monochromatic gorgeousness.  Tons of toddler hugs and ‘I wuv you.’  A deep tissue massage today to get rid of these tension headaches. Sometimes life is really good. I’m just going to stop and enjoy it.
True Story:
On a walk around the neighborhood, Baby Girl points out all the pumpkins she sees. 
When I see a little tiny one I say, “Look a baby pumpkin.”  
Baby Girl takes a moment to look, then starts to cry.  
Turns out she was upset because it didn’t have a mommy with it.  
So then we had to stop and I had to explain that pumpkins don’t have mommies, so it’s okay.  
Finally, she stopped crying.