Sweater – F21  //  Dress – ModCloth  //  Tights – Hue  //  Boots – Petit Pieds
Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc.  Here in Toronto it’s caused some tragedies, and my heart goe out to those families.  But here at Chez Haughton it’s caused two little ones some unparalleled joy.  
Baby girl is thrilled at the amount of Dora The Explorer she’s suddenly allowed to watch as Mama and Daddy are busy dealing with things like fences getting ripped out of the ground by the wind.  And Drake the Dog, is personally thrilled that the wind decided to rip apart our fence – now he can hop over to the neighbors yard and explore all those smells!
One person’s tragedy, and unwanted fence expense, is anothers extra tv and double the yard space.
Quote of Today:
“It’s raining yes, but you’re mostly water, so think it’s really little pieces of you!”