Hat – Ruche (old)
Dress – BB Dakota
Shoes – Payless

I went for a walk with my friend Emily around the pond.  Her and Baby girl had a great time. Mostly Emily had a great time giggling at all the things Baby girl does.  What’s funny is that Emily took my outfit shots, and when I reviewed them that evening they were all out of focus.   All except the ones you see here. Guess that’s why she’s a dancer and not a photographer. Oh Emily!

The full length body one had Baby Girl’s beautiful face in it, so I had to obscure that quite a bit. *if you’re a new reader you may not know that I don’t show her face on the blog.  My personal choice regarding her privacy*  But my favourite one of the day was the one of the three of them just walking along without a care in the world!  It took a while for Baby Girl to warm up to Emily, but once Emily brought out the chocolate covered almonds the deal was done!  Then they were best friends.

Walking along we stopped by a teen soccer game and a lady came over with her little dog.  She started asking about Drake, and when she asked,”Who’s dog is it?” – meaning mine or Emily’s – I was tempted to say, “Ours” and hold up my wedding ring.  I just like to challenge assumptions sometimes.  I didn’t though,  because I knew it was the smart ass in me that was tempted to do it. But I was tempted.

Quote of Today:
“Drake’s bone doesn’t belong in Dora’s backpack.”