Shirt – hand me down
Dress – Ruche or Modcloth
 Shoes – thrifted *they’re my mucking about the yard shoes*
Got my garden done!  I pruned, seeded, and planted!  Now I can’t wait until my delicious and organic garden grows!  I’ve got golden cherry tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, mixed colored carrots and plenty of herbs.  But the surprising thing this year was how much the raspberry bushes grew!  
So as I tweeted yesterday, I’ve got my post-apocalyptic skill set ready: swords, firearms, and gardening.  Speaking of firearms *and only because I got to carry a fake one* we wrapped the new premiere episode of Posthuman.  Everything’s been re-shuffled and reorganized for the June premiere on the SFN network.  Stay tuned, and I hope you check it out!   
True Story:
I love how when I lift baby girl from her crib she automatically assumes the position of wrapped legs around my torso, arm around me shoulder, and head nuzzled in to neck.  
It’s so precious and cuddly.  I can’t get enough!