Sweater – hand me down
Belt & Tights – F21
Dress – Etsy
Shoes – Payless
I sometimes feel like a paradox, or maybe an oxymoron, if I can become a concept or a grammatical term instead of a person that is.  I strive for simplicity and complexity at the same time; for minimalism and shabby chic clutter.  In life surroundings, to design, to well everything, I seem to swing from moments of restraint to indulgence, thoughtful self-possession to emotional impulse.  My sartorial sense swings from the extremes of ruffles, lace, florals, and colors, to that of monochromatic minimalism.  I have yet to find the perfect balance that could define me. 
True Story:
Baby says with purpose, “A yaba gaba do do me goo.”
Husband says, “Now that, whatever she said, was a full sentence.”