Sweater – Smart Set
Jeans – Gap
Boots – Locale
Hair bow – F21
Necklace – gift from my Babcia

This week was a challenge I tell you because I’ve been in a bit of a funk, but here’s what I’m thankful for:

1. Games night with friends – more on that tomorrow.
2. Comfy jeans *pictured above* for weeks like this where I hate most of the things in  my closet.
3. Red wine – so delicious and comforting after a long, long cold and wet day.
4. My smarty-pants little girl – she’s a hoot! *see below*
5. All of you – the best readers a girl could ever have!

True Story:
Andrew gets up with Baby and starts our morning routine.  
At one point, she asks for a cookie and Daddy tells her no.  
Several minutes later Mama comes downstairs, gets her coffee and joins the family.  
Daddy then says he’s going to take a shower and leaves the room.  
As soon as he leaves, Baby gets up and goes to the fridge and asks for a cookie.  
Mama, thinking nothing of it, says, “Ok” and gives her one.  
Then Daddy comes in the room because he forgot something and notices the cookie, “Where did you get that miss?”  Baby’s hands with the cookie immediately drop into her lap and her head drops down *what she does when she’s guilty, embarrased or been disciplined*  
Mommy asks, “What’s going on?”  
We realize it’s the first time she consciously played one of us against the other.  
Smarty pants.