Cardi – Old Navy
Top – Threadsence
Pant – Le Chateau
Boots – Feet First
Ring & Earrings – F21

I’ve been thinking about my sartorial attitude and I love that I’m really coming out of my own box when it comes to what I buy and wear.  I’m no longer afraid of being “cute” with dresses or sweater with penguins on them, and I’m trying things out I wouldn’t have tried before.  This top is a case in point. I really liked it when I saw it on the website but I wondered how in the world I would ever wear it, and whether I would actually wear it.  But I liked it so much I thought, “I’ll do it.  I’ll figure it out when it comes.”  And I’m so glad I took a chance because this asymmetrical chiffon top is wonderful, unique and feminine.  I’m so glad I took a risk and went outside my comfort zone to try something new.

True Story:
While sitting on the couch and reading an animal book, Baby takes my index finger and uses it to point at the animals asking, “What’s this?”  She continues to use my finger as her pointer, with her chubby fingers wrapped around it, for the duration of the exercise.
At which point I could retrieve my finger.