Here’s my sewing machine.  It’s a Brother LS-30.  The model is two years old, but the machine itself it brand new.  And so far it’s been really fun to use.  I had some frustration with the bobbin and how to insert, latch and thread it, but once I figured it out it was easy.

For my first sewing project I tackled the hem of this dress.  I had lamented that I really like this Ruche dress but that I felt it was too short for me.  And as many of you stated, it’s not too short, but it does come down to my comfort; so I decided to use my fancy new machine to address this little issue.

I first had to remove the whole hem since it was sewn together.  Then I ironed it flat, sewed it back onto the dress with a finishing stitch so that it doesn’t fray, and then turned up and hemmed the bottom.  And done!  Now my dress is about three inches longer and I’m loving it!  It’s amazing what three inches will do.

Outfit post with this new length coming up real soon.

Quote of Today:
“I don’t want to throw the bomb. You do it for me.”