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First Solo Mission

Sweater – swapped; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Boots – Locale.

So you know how yesterday I said that I tackled my first sewing project with my brand new sewing machine?  Well, this is the result of what I did. 

As I mentioned, I felt the dress was a tad too short for my comfort, so I wanted to let down the hem.  It wasn’t as easy as it sounded.  See that top horizontal pleat?  Well, it was completely attached to the dress, so first I had to remove the whole thing.  Then open it making it a double horizontal pleat, and iron it.  Then I had to attached it back onto the dress, with a finished stitch so it doesn’t fray.  And lastly, I had to fold the hem and finish the new hem of the dress.  

It just looks like there were meant to be two double pleats now.  And I felt so great wearing it: proud and finally comfortable with the length! It’s amazing what three inches can do.   I think I did pretty well for my first solo mission. What do you think?

On a totally separate note…

I really, really need to find a martial arts school to study at.  I’ve been out of the studio for far too long and there’s only so much that self-motivation can do.  But my problem is two-fold.  One, I can’t find a place that I really like.  I’ve looked at probably a dozen schools all over Toronto to find an art that I really want to study.  I’ve tried Muay Thai, BJJ, Karate, Tai Kwon Do, MMA, Krav Maga, and various blends of these, and I have yet to find something that I love as much as Kung Fu.  So that’s my first and major dilemma.  Two, it has to be affordable.  I’m not rolling in wads of dollars, so the place I go to has to be affordable.  But the issue of fees is really secondary to finding something that I truly love.

You know what you want to do, and that you love doing it, but you’re having trouble finding a place that reflects you.  Have you ever felt that way?

Quote of Today:
“It’s amazing what three inches can do.”  
*Oh Lordy Lord! Sometimes I don’t realize what I’m saying until it’s too late*

First Sewing Project: Letting Down A Hem

Here’s my sewing machine.  It’s a Brother LS-30.  The model is two years old, but the machine itself it brand new.  And so far it’s been really fun to use.  I had some frustration with the bobbin and how to insert, latch and thread it, but once I figured it out it was easy.

For my first sewing project I tackled the hem of this dress.  I had lamented that I really like this Ruche dress but that I felt it was too short for me.  And as many of you stated, it’s not too short, but it does come down to my comfort; so I decided to use my fancy new machine to address this little issue.

I first had to remove the whole hem since it was sewn together.  Then I ironed it flat, sewed it back onto the dress with a finishing stitch so that it doesn’t fray, and then turned up and hemmed the bottom.  And done!  Now my dress is about three inches longer and I’m loving it!  It’s amazing what three inches will do.

Outfit post with this new length coming up real soon.

Quote of Today:
“I don’t want to throw the bomb. You do it for me.”
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