Top – UO; Skirt – c/o Emerging Thoughts; Leggings & Silver ring – F21; Boots – Feet First; Bicycle ring – Spotted Moth.

Over the weekend I shot a fabulous character called ‘Nadia Burkoff’ – sex therapist, life coach and beauty queen.  This is a hilarious character created by a dear friend of mine, and one of my newest exciting projects.  So far, I’ve shot the promotion shoot *you can see some pictures here* and done a brief interview about Nadia’s new book.  But as I’ve taken on the role of producer/director for this burgeoning series, I’ve got a lot more insanity and hilarity planned for the future.  In the meantime, I appreciate you checking out the video of the interview, as well some of the promo shots.  Thanks!

True Story:
Do you think she’s trying to drink her milk through telekinesis?