I recently bought this little package at the drugstore.  Why did I get these you might ask since I have facial cleanser at home?  Well really convenience was the main motivation.  Sometimes when I get home late at night from hosting the show I’m so tired that I really don’t want to wash my face.  But I have to.  I wear a lot of make-up for tv and if I don’t wash it off and sleep on it that’s just plain gross.  Having these nearby is great.  More than that, I also wanted to have them for when I’m on set for films and such.  I often don’t stop and take off my make-up when I’m leaving a set, but once I’m gone I realize that I have all this stuff on my face and I just want to get rid of it.  So that’s where these lovely things come in:  when I need to clean my face but either can’t, or don’t want, to go wash it all off.

Now, I haven’t tried a lot of these facial cleansing cloths, so I really have no point of reference, but I’ve found this one to be pretty good with a bit of a give and take in terms of what you get.  I really appreciate how gentle it is and how it doesn’t aggravate my skin.  I don’t, however, find it to be thoroughly and deeply cleaning, but it does leave my skin soft and not irritated.  So I guess it might be a bit of a trade off in that respect.  It’s not super deep cleaning, but it also leaves my skin such that I don’t need to apply moisturizer right away.