Baby’s got quite the daily activity list!  And she’s developing some very fun likes and dislikes. 
For example, she likes to play with my boots, and shoes, and sandals. 
I feel she’s going to have more pairs of shoes than I do.
Oh my!

She also loves to point out her ears, hair, nose, bellybutton, and knees.  
The knees are a recent favorite…particularly pulling up my dress/pants to show me my knees.  
Just in case I forgot where they were.

Getting us to open the trash so she can throw things away is another cute phenomenon.  
I just hope this tendency to clean up after herself sticks around.
And there’s my personal favorite: cuddles with Mama.  
I’m a big fan of those myself.
And tonight?  Tonight it’s present opening time.  I can’t wait to see her do that!
Merry Christmas everyone!